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Who We Are


Staff at Special K Ranch are people who are committed to the concept of Christian community living and caring for people who have developmental disabilities. We have 8 family-oriented homes serving 35 adults. The ranch is located near Columbus, Montana on 220 acres along the Yellowstone River. It offers a living and learning experience in a rural agricultural setting for people with developmental disabilities. The residents operate a greenhouse with bedding plants and produce, care for livestock, and participate in other vocational programs. Special K Ranch is a forever home for our residents; our vision is to nurture the human and spiritual potential of our residents. 

Job Openings

  • Special K Ranch is a non-profit Christian organization looking for an energetic, loving couple to live with and assist 4 developmentally disabled adults on a working ranch. In this position, you will have the ability to build deep, lasting relationships with residents, help them through difficulties that may arise in their personal lives and ensure that their residential needs are met. You will work directly under the supervision of residential director to ensure all goals are met and you residents always remain safe, well-adjusted to the family atmosphere and engaged.
    Home advisors will perform general household duties, organize recreational activities, transport residents to and from appointments. Please contact employer for a complete list of job responsibilities. A company vehicle is provided in addition to salary and benefits.

    Job Responsibilities:
    Comply with regulations and rules to create a safe, hospitable and inviting atmosphere.
    Oversee an enrichment program full of interesting, engaging and rewarding activities for residents to engage in, which will provide them with additional knowledge and experience or fulfil their recreational desires.
    Provide residents and their guests with emergency first aid assistance when necessary during medical situations.
    Act as mediator between residents when interpersonal problems and disputes arise.
    Make rounds several times a day to ensure that all residents are following rules and regulations, and that the facilities are safe and properly maintained.
    Provide residents with counsel regarding difficult life events and family, educational and financial problems as they arise.
    Collaborate with other professionals, such as doctors, to address the individual needs of a resident with specific challenges.
    Make determinations for facility maintenance needs.

    Job Skills & Qualifications Required:
    Valid driver’s license.
    Pass a background check.

    Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.
    Experience in a group home setting.

  • We are seeking a dedicated respite worker to provide intermittent care for residents with developmental disabilities. Your duties will include coordinating care with primary caregivers, providing companionship, and supervising activities. To ensure success as a respite worker, you should demonstrate experience in a similar role and working knowledge of CPR and first aid. Ultimately, a top-notch respite worker will be someone who can be relied upon to perform their duties with patience and compassion.

    Respite Job Responsibilities:
    Ability to ensure clients' safety and provide comfort.
    Responsible for providing supervision and care for developmentally disabled adults.
    Providing residents with assistance, companionship, and comfort.
    Administering prescribed medications.
    Facilitating appropriate professional intervention, when required.
    Engaging clients in suitable activities, such as socializing, playing games or art projects.
    Assisting clients with mobility, personal hygiene, eating, and drinking.
    Accompanying residents on medical appointments and outings.
    Performing general household duties, such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping.
    Maintaining a hygienic and safe environment.

    Respite Worker Requirements:
    Must pass a background check.
    Have a valid driver's license and clean driving record.
    High school diploma or GED.
    CPR certification.
    Available to work irregular hours, including night shift, weekends, and holidays.

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