Resident Openings

The program at Special K Ranch is designed to be a long term or permanent living arrangement for people who have developmental disabilities. It is not often that there is a vacancy. However, on occasion a resident may move.

The process for filling a vacancy begins with the family of the prospective resident filling out an application packet. Along with the application, a psychological evaluation and any other activity and development reports are requested.

A visit to the ranch for a tour and an interview with the screening committee is than scheduled. If the prospective resident, following this interview, would like to live at Special K Ranch and the report from the screening committee is favorable, a sixty (60) day trial and evaluation visit is set up.

After the sixty day trial visit the screening committee makes a determination based on the prospects desire to live at the ranch and the programs ability to meet the specific needs of the individual.

When an individual becomes a resident at Special K Ranch they are encouraged to bring their own bedroom furniture and decorate their room.

To learn more about vacancies please contact the ranch.


Potential residents come to Special K Ranch though private referral by family. Click here to view and print a resident application and information form (PDF). Mail application to address listed on form.

After completed application and background information is received, the screening committee determines whether or not to proceed with an interview with the applicant and family. Following this interview a sixty-day trail period may be offered to the applicant.

At the end of the trial period the screening committee may extend the trial period, offer permanent residency, or reject an applicant based on information gathered and experience with the applicant during the trial period.

If accepted, the final decision to live at Special K Ranch is the applicant's.